Landings 2021

Landings 2021

What Happened Next

In May 2021, The Long Exposure, as part of Landings 2021 and the six micro exhibitions, asked of current and past Falmouth University students, how they saw their future. 

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world, we asked a simple question…

what do you do next? 

This is their response, in the form of a postcard. 


Greg Vivash

At One

IN: @gregvivashphoto | TW: @gregvivash

Amy Eilertsen



Ruta Saksens

Past, Present and Future

@rutasaksens |

Carl-Mikael Björk

Untitled In-camera Diptych (2021), Analogue medium format


Carly Maling

The pandemic depression apology letter


Alexander Ward

No Infection Here

@shotby__al |

Ben Parker

Urbanisation 10


Tim Jones

All that is visible

@tim_jones_1402 |

Mark Crean

Off and into the world


Jonjo Borrill

New Home

@jonjoborrill @jonjo_borrill

Douglas Stenhouse

A New Dance


Victoria Smith



Trish Crawford

HOPE | | FB: TrishCrawfordPhoto

Becca Head


@_beccahead |

Chava Eichner

One step at a time

@flavourphotos |

Phil Hill

From the series ‘Unreliable Narrator’

IN: @philhillphoto | TW: @philhillphoto

Isabelle Boutriau


@isa_boutriau |

Clare Wilson


@Clare_dicky |

Michael Padilla



Ross Trevail

Chip Off The Old Block (Work In Progress)

@rosstrevail | 

Tim Stubbs Hughes

into the woods

@timstubbshughes | 

Marcel Rauschkolb

Basketball hoop, from the series »Souvenir of Germany«

@marcelrauschkolb | | LI: marcelrauschkolb

Drew Findlay

Back in Business


Thank you to all our contributors and hope you enjoyed visiting. 

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