ArtLike An Old Film

Like An Old Film

When I started working on my own photographic interpretation of Philip Larkin’s poem, my mother’s house had just been put on the market and my sisters and I were faced with the overwhelming task of clearing out a lifetime’s accumulation of treasures.

Many forgotten memories came back to life, not just because of the objects and old letters or books we discovered, but also because of very simple impressions, like the sunlight coming through the curtains, dust floating around or the wind blowing in the trees. I tried to translate these emotions through poetic images collected in different places and countries and a mix of fiction and reality.  

Faded colors, overgrown nature

The house is still intact


I open the curtains

Shadows dancing on the floor

All is quiet


My vision blurs

 Like an old film

With spots and scratches

I never believed in ghosts, and yet…


The walls are dust

I breathe them in


Loneliness overtakes me

Memories come back to life

Reinventing themselves


Isabelle Boutriau, 2022

Like an old film

By Isabelle Boutriau (©2022)

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