De Ferrier


A metaphorical representation of migrants in Texas

This body of work is informed by my own experience of constant migration. My practice is grounded in the photographic images of my current ‘home’ where the iconic silos and rice dryers of Texas dominate the landscape. The actions of hunting, shooting, dissecting, cutting, folding and concealing these images mimic the vilification of migrants. What is hidden between the folds are the unjust truths. Utilizing a hands on meditative approach leads to a transformation of folded and constructed imagery. My interest is in the materiality and physicality of the photograph which becomes an object in itself.


Born in the Scottish borders, De Ferrier is currently living and working in Texas after a lifetime of constant migration. She is interested in physicality of the photograph as an object.  Utilizing a meditative hands on approach, constructed photographic images are folded disrupted and dissected to illustrate her theme of migration in Texas.

De has studied and exhibited at colleges, universities, and art schools in Aberdeen, Houston and Perth, Australia where she received a BFA in Fine Art from Curtin University.  She has just completed her MFA, during which, she became particularly interested in expanding, distorting and experimenting with the photographic medium.

Exhibitions & Submissions

  • Royal Photographic Society (RPS) shortlist finalist 2021
  • Association of Photographers (AOP) shortlist finalist 2021
  • Glasgow Gallery of Photography (GGoP) online exhibition & book 2021
  • Perth Center for Photography (PCP) CLIP award finalist 2016
  • Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FIPP) final shortlist 2015
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