De Ferrier

De Ferrier

De Ferrier was born in the Scottish borders, but has lived in several locations across the world, including, Europe, Middle East, Australia and USA.  Her current home is Houston and it was here in Texas that she became interested in migration as a reflection of her own experiences of constant relocation. Her fine art background formed the basis of her postgraduate research as a lens based artist concerned with the photograph as an object.

These images explore the themes of place, belonging, migration and memory. It occurred to me while reflecting on my practice that the words related to my methodology mimicked the vilification of migrants; hunting, shooting, dissecting, concealing, disrupting and distorting. A mediative hands on approach led to transformed, folded and constructed imagery. The folded images became metaphors for the treatment migrants and concealed within the folds lie the unjust truths.

Recent exhibitions include:

Sawyer Yards gallery 100 2022

AIS shortlist 2022

IVLA International Visual Literacy Association 2021

AOP finalist 2021

RPS finalist 2021

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