Isabelle Boutriau

Isabelle Boutriau

Maybe I will leave

A reflection on migration, identity and belonging.


Isabelle Boutriau is a Belgian photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Her work explores issues of place and identity, with a focus on visual storytelling.

She is a member of the UK-based collective “The Long exposure” (click here for profile)

Photography-related education

2019 – 2021, MA in Photography, Falmouth University, United Kingdom.

2015 – 2016, Anzenberger Photography Masterclass, Vienna, Austria.


2021 – Maybe I will leave. Collective exhibition, The Four Corners Gallery, London, UK

2021 – Agathe. Collective exhibition, Falmouth -Landings 2021.

2021 – On the Edge. Collective exhibition, Falmouth -Landings 2020/

2017 – The Colors of the Danube. Solo exhibition, L’Adresse, Vienna, Austria.

2017 – Reflecting. Duo exhibition, Vienna International Center, Vienna, Austria.

2017 – Through the Looking Glass, collective exhibition, University of Mons, Belgium.

2016 – AnzenbergerMasterclass-Kreta 2 Kollektiv – Brotfabrik, Vienna, Austria._


Kreta 2 Kollektiv, KRETA 2, AnzenbergerEdition, Vienna, 2016.

Photographs: Andreas Baierl, Isabelle Boutriau, Werner Anselm Buhre, Lukas Gächter, Fabian Kasper, Gerhard Maurer, Marion Osmann, Stephan Polzer, Maximilian Rosenberger, Silvia Scheid, Franz Svoboda.

Text: Regina Maria Anzenberger, Werner Anselm Buhre

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