Matt Durrant

Visiting Humans of Hampstead Heath

Thousands of humans visit Hampstead Heath every day because of the Heath’s far-reaching benefits for physical and mental health. However, how do humans interact with the Heath when they’re there? And what impacts do humans have on the land during a visit?

This project sets out to document this photographic evidence of the traces left behind. Through this project, I have found the direct consequences that humans have on the land, but it’s also been very interesting to uncover the Heath as a melting pot of mini communities all intertwined and co-existing at the same time.


My work has always been inspired by human connection and relationship with nature. I’m particularly interested in how we interact within the environment collectively and as individuals and how this differs. This probably is born from completing an undergraduate degree in Biology, before turning to Photography. Through photographing human connection to the environment, I aim to portray what it means to be human, within communities and different cultures and to find ways we can make sure we are working positively with the environment around us.

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