Paul Moran

6 Months at Reading Railway Club

Reading Railway Club is a 90 year old former working men’s club now run as a not-for-profit pub for the local community. Its aging community of pensioners means that takings are falling which in turn means a lack of funds for maintenance and repairs. In addition, the landlord wants to double the rent.

The threat to a community centre like the Railway Club is all too pervasive. If you take such centres away then you force community members into exile – a sure recipe for mental health problems, loneliness, and physical decline. This is not a section of the population that can afford change – either financially or mentally.

My project is to capture the spirit of Reading Railway Club – who uses the club, how is it used, where are the problems, the issues, the opportunities, the threats. In return for this access I am the appointed CEO and Club event photographer – all pro-bono roles.


Paul ‘Buzz’ Moran is a professional photographer based in Bristol, UK and works mainly in portrait, fashion and travel images.

Buzz is a member of the RPS, Bristol Photographic Society and Wokingham Camera Club. He works all around the world and is regularly in Venice, California and India.

Buzz is showing his project work ‘6 Months at Reading Railway Station’ at The Four Corners.

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