Tim Jones

Strangers starring at nothing.

Augmented Reality work exploring and questioning my relationship to the world.


Jones’ does not have a story of when I first picked up a camera. Jones graduated from University of Wales Newport with a degree in Photography in 2007 and went on to photograph professionally for over 15 years. During his MA in Photography at Falmouth University he started to embrace Augmented Reality as his choices form of display. Jones’ works do not have a defined intent or purpose and take shape in front of the viewer via a mobile device. Recently Jones has started the process to be Diagnosed with ASD and is exploring what this means to his own practice.

“My work explores the relationship that I have with reality. I raise the question that is the work really there and are we real. It is this way of thinking that has led me to knowledge the latent in my practice. It is the viewers choice to receive the knowledge of my work or not.”

Instead of giving me connections my pieces give the answer without a question. I am not interested in solving or finding the questions. The unresolved flux this creates is the feelings I experience in my day today life.

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