Tim Stubbs Hughes

Tim Stubbs Hughes

Remembrance of day-dreams

The house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace” Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Remembrance of day-dreams is an autobiographical exploration of self and identity.

Taking as a starting point his childhood bedroom, Tim aims to explore this liminal space, and enquire how the memories of the past and their phenomenological interrogation can illuminate the connections between the identity you have today and the remembrances of a past self.


From the age of 6 until he was 18, Tim lived in Fleet, Hampshire. Significant pieces from this room have been found or recreated as part of this installation and juxtaposed against recent self-portraits, text and how others see him today. Bringing together elements of photographic material past and present, archival material from his childhood and the use of snapshots of sound, music and spoken word, Tim aims to take the viewer on a journey and place them within this world to reminisce and remember their own childhood.


Tim Stubbs Hughes is an artist, photographer and theatre-maker.

Tim has previously exhibited at Conway Hall, London as part of the completion of photography courses run by the renowned portrait photographer Grace Gelder: Stages of Self in 2017, London Presence in 2018 and Reflection in 2019, as well as at The Asylum, Peckham as the culmination of the Creative Practice: Personal Project course at City Lit London with One Night Only in 2017.

His previous acclaimed work as a theatre director has included bodies unfinished by Lewis Hetherington, at the Jack Studio Theatre (5 Off-West End nominations), a new literal translation of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard by Patrick Miles at the White Bear Theatre and the world premiere of Philip de Gouveia’s The Six Wives of Timothy Leary at the Etcetera Theatre and Riverside Studios, London and at the Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. From 1997-2008, Tim was co-artistic director of the new writing theatre company Weaver-Hughes Ensemble.

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