Tim Stubbs Hughes

Tim Stubbs Hughes

Tim is a theatre-maker, photographer and writer.

Working with various and diverse art forms and practices, he seeks to explore the phenomenological and poetic narratives that are existing in the numerous liminal spaces that are present within today’s world.

His work focuses on the private and public: the presentation of self; how we relate to space and objects; how personal identity is formed; the examination of history; and our interactions with both the internal and external world. Using personal experience and memories, he questions the narratives and stories we create.

He is drawn to memory, the private and intimate clashes of consciousness and is focused on how a work, whether a single photograph, a piece of text, or a performance can present a multitude of meanings and resonances.

He holds a Master of Arts in Photography from Falmouth University (2019-2021) and a Master of Arts in Theatre Arts (Directing Option) from Goldsmiths College (1994-1996).

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